The Revolution in Oxygen Delivery has Begun.The Revolution in Oxygen Delivery has Begun.

Secure O2

What is Secure O2 ® Oxygen Tubing?

Secure O2 is a revolutionary new brand of oxygen tubing that has the patented Secure O2 connector incorporated at its end.

The firm connector is threaded and free to rotate. The connector is also color coded to avoid medical gas mix-ups. Simply screw the connector nut on a hospital flow meter for a quick and reliable connection every time. Each tube has its own fresh connector, so no more reusing dirty nipple and nut (tree) adapters. Unlike soft universal tubing ends, Secure O2 prevents unwanted disconnections and will not go on crooked and leak. The Secure O2 bushing can also push onto the stem outlets of humidifier bottles and transport tanks. Secure O2 provides unparalleled safety and convenience to nasal cannulas and oxygen mask products.

Why Secure O2

The rationale behind Secure O2 is simple. Water hoses have a threaded fitting that screws securely to a water spigot or hydrant.  Firefighters would not risk lives using a hose that was not secure. Yet, hospital patients have been put at risk because existing oxygen tubing easily pulls off.  Most individuals would probably not even want to water their lawn or wash their car if their hose could easily pull off, let alone trust their lives to medical gas tubing that can easily pull off. With Secure O2, patients and caregivers can now breathe a sigh of relief to know that their oxygen connection is secure.

How Secure O2 Works

Secure O2 innovative oxygen delivery technology allows you to have the convenience of universal oxygen tubing, but without the risk of disconnections and misconnections. Secure O2 is easier than connecting a garden hose. It does not leak or coil, and unscrews with ease. Secure O2 provides quick and reliable connection options:

Step 1

A. Simply hold the tubing end in your hand up to the oxygen flow meter and turn the threaded nut several times for an uncompromised connection.

Step 2

B. Grip the connector to help push the bushing onto the stem outlet of a humidifier bottle or transport tank. This added grip is especially useful for homecare patients.

Step 3

C. Caregivers can even shift the connector down to expose the bushing tip (such as for recessed stem outlets). The connector then snaps back into place at the bushing tip.

Be a hero, look for the green ring

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