Only Secure O2 ® can enhance patient safety by staying connected

The Problem:

Every now and then, physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists will find their patients' oxygen tubing on the floor disconnected from the flow meter. Standard and universal oxygen tubing can be pulled off by accident, putting patients at risk being without prescribed oxygen and increasing medical liability.


The World Health Organization (WHO) is aware that ten percent of all patients are affected by health care errors and that many of these errors involve medical tubing. WHO and dozens of other health care organizations, including The Joint Commission, are seeking solutions to these problems. Many hope that one day manufacturers will produce "fail-safe connector technologies," such that can prevent unwanted disconnections, along with "designed incompatibility," to reduce misconnections between different systems.

The Solution:

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Secure O2 is the answer to the medical industry's needs. Secure O2 is a color coded, fail-safe tubing designed for use with a threaded flow meter outlet to prevent unwanted disconnections and to reduce tubing misconnections. Secure O2 screws on and off of the flow meter with ease and without coiling. Secure O2 tubing also has safety channels to prevent kinking. Secure O2 also adds safety and convenience to nasal cannulas and face mask products.

Our mission is to solve the problems inherent with existing oxygen tubing and set a new standard for oxygen delivery.

Secure O2 also encourages the sanitary good practice of not using dirty nipple and nut (tree) adapters, such as those reused between patients. Good practices may help reduce the spread of hospital acquired respiratory infections. Secure O2 is also a cost effective solution because it can eliminate the expense of these nipple and nut (tree) adapters.

The firm nut of the Secure O2 connector is held in position at the tip of the bushing where it can rotate freely.

SecureO2 Connector


The bushing of the Secure O2 connector is soft and flexible. The firm nut can also be used to provide an easy grip to help caregivers and elderly patients push the soft bushing onto the stem outlet of humidifier bottles and transport tanks.

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For recessed stem outlets, the green nut can even be slid down and later snapped back into position at the bushing tip.



"Reliable oxygen delivery is crucial to my patients. With Secure O2 tubing, unwanted disconnections are prevented and I can have peace of mind knowing that my patients are safe when I leave the room. Secure O2 will become the gold standard for oxygen delivery because of its life saving potential."

Dr. Gomez, MD, Pulmonologist

What I like about Secure O2 is that this product has true threads and screws securely and smoothly onto the wall flow meter. The connector spins freely, so the oxygen tubing does not coil. Once it has been secured, the tubing will not come off unless I unscrew it. Secure O2 also has the dual ability to screw onto wall flow meters and to push onto tank flow meters. This is a true advantage. I know firsthand how costly tree adapters are for the year. Secure O2 can eliminate this expense, and help free up my hospital budget for other needs. This is a true win-win.

Rodger, Respiratory Therapist and Equipment Coordinator

Not only does Secure O2 prevent unwanted disconnections, but it also makes barbed tree adapters a thing of the past. We go through many tree adapters each year, and their cost really adds up. They are also easily misplaced. It is great that Secure O2 tubing has this connector built in so we do not have to look for tree adapters.

Maria, Respiratory Supervisor

Secure O2 will have a tremendous impact for its enhanced safety over existing oxygen tubing products. Unlike all other oxygen tubing products, failure is not an option with Secure O2 tubing.

Barbara, RRT


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